Coat of arms

Irkutsk coat of arms was established on Oct 26, 1790 with a following description “On a silver field there is a running tiger with a sable in its mouth”. This picture was created on the foundation of old emblems, which had existed on the city seals for a long time.

City symbols were a sable as regional wealth evidence and a tiger (Siberians called him “babr”) as a power presentation.

In the chronicles of P.I. Pezhemskii and V.I. Krotov the city emblem was described: “Irkutsk coat of arms was granted on Feb 18, 1690, and this year it was confirmed by its majesty. It represents a “babr” on a silver background, which is running on a green grass towards left side of a shield. “Babr” has a sable in its jaws. Many of us take this “babr” for a beaver. Beaver is a famous amphibian animal, whose pelt is highly treasured. “Babr” is a bloodthirsty, strong and ferocious animal, which lives in hot countries. It runs into Siberia from China. Its pelt has light-yellow color with black-brown transverse stripes (with a long tail). This is the animal, which was pictured on Irkutsk City Coat Of Arms and all Irkutsk gubernia (region).

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