Russian-mongolian-buryat dictionary

Rodionov Yakov. RUSSIAN-MONGOLIAN-BURYAT DICTIONARY. Books 10 and 15. 34x21. 140 and 137 pages.

There are only 2 books of such unique work of the Irkutsk priest left from 15 composed by him throughout the life. All the rest were burnt in Irkutsk 1879 fire. The main feature of such work was a first in Russian lexicology attempt, made to combine these 3 languages. A need to prepare this dictionary was explained by a presence of two kinds of writing among Buryat-Mongol population by the XIX century – traditional old Mongolian writing, used in Mongolian Buddhist temples and a Cyrillic alphabet introduced by Russian missionaries.

A pad of the manuscripts

The dictionary was not published because Rodionov did not have enough funds for it. As far as we know, there were no more attempts after Rodionov.

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