Handwritten poem collection

ALEXEEV A.A. LIFE PAGES. EVENING FIRES. – handwritten poem collection. – Irkutsk , 1911-1912.
21,7x17,5, 87 pages. A notebook in the cardboard bookbinding.

The collection includes lyric poems. Album owner, probably, wrote most of them. It reflected his soul feelings. In addition, the poems of G.Derzhavin, A. Apukhtin, A. Tolstoi and other poets were included. There were Japanese poem translations there. The collection has an interesting poem “Baikal”, composed probably by A.A. Alexeev:

A pad of the manuscript

That is the sea!… turquoisely burns,
Sparkles as a purple foam!…
Wave after wave approach the coast
Hard and anxiously…
Look! How this fragile crystal lives:
It moans, threatens and rails…
And how big is a distance!.. Oh, this distance
Enchants tired eyes!…

Another poem “Jingle, jingle the ring…” lets us suppose that an album compiler was exiled in Siberia. It is pity that other materials about a personality and life of the compiler are not found in the poem texts.

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