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Baikal nature is plain and severe. It can not be, for instance, characterized as "flourish". It seems that the most suitable words for it are "transparent", "crystal-clear", or maybe "ascetic". And, of course, "grandiose".

For me, the Baikal nature is a very good medicine against vain human arrogance. At Baikal we feel ourselves quite paltry creatures. Of course, this feeling is not pleasant, but it is quite useful. And the only cure here is to feel oneself an inseparable part of the environment.


The nature of Baikal is magic and hardly understandable. And it is easy to understand why the Gods of native people living near Baikal found their residence on a Baikal cape - Baikal is a right place for Gods. And concerning people, Baikal also has magic influence on their destinies.

At least, the feelings at Baikal are quite different from those in towns and other places. Possibly, this can be explained with grandiose phenomenon of Baikal which destructs the system of mankind selfishness and makes one re-analyze the sense of his or her life again and again.


On the other hand, Baikal magically gives additional life power, which you can feel in a town quite long time after visiting Baikal. Maybe, this is a feeling of a man who was born near Baikal and quite frequently visiting the great lake.

But this also can be explained quite easily. The more the phenomenon, the more time is needed for replacing the standard feeling of tourist's admiration with true understanding.

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