Olkhon Island

Where to stay

There are three options of spending the night on Olkhon Island. The first is a tent if you prefer to travel as a camper. For example, near settlement Khuzhir in hot season (summer), a camping site on the beach of Saraysky Bay is organized. Holiday-makers may stay at locals’. The so-called family tourist business is being developed on the island: local people let their houses for travellers or build houses for them on their grounds. Such form of tourism is characteristic of Khuzhir. There are also main holiday camps in which, as a rule, not only shelter is provided but also meals and excursions organized around the island. Conditions provided for holidaymakers are much better compared to those some years ago.

  • Holiday camps in Khuzhir:
  • “Mansion of Nikita Bencharov”,
  • Holiday camp “Solnechnaya”,
  • Holiday camp “Shamanka”,
  • “Pearl of Olkhon”,
  • “Brigantine”,
  • Hotel “Seseg”,
  • Holiday camp “PB Vasilenko”.
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