Olkhon Island

How to get

A ferryboat through Olkhon Gate Strait serves from May till December. It ferries from settlement Sakhyurta (MRS) of Malaya Kurkutskaya Bay on the mainland to Perevoznaya Bay on the island. When the Strait freezes, an icy crossing is marked with special signs. There is no connection with the mainland in November-January and April-May during freeze-up and ice thawing. There are no regular air flights to the island. Regular buses Irkutsk-Khuzhir go from the Irkutsk bus station to Olkhon Island. It takes 5-6 hours to get to Olkhon, whereas by car – 4 hours. There is a rather good asphalt road from Irkutsk to Khuzhir. The trip by car, however, may encounter some problems: during the hot season a lot of cars queue at the ferry crossing for a long time. The public transport is served first.

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