Olkhon Island

It is important to know

Some peculiar features should be taken into consideration while organizing hikes and automobile trips around Olkhon Island. It is necessary to take with you a gas burner for cooking because in steppe areas and on the shore there are problems with firewood. While travelling in the northern part of Olkhon, on the eastern shore and far inland, it is better to stock up on drinking water beforehand. It is difficult to come down to the lake for water because of steep shores, and it is impossible to get water far inland of Olkhon Island because there are no rivers there.

There are no dangerous predators on Olkhon Island. But on the eastern shore there are asps. There are almost no mosquitoes and gnat, as well as no ticks.
In summer, particularly in June and late August, it may be either very hot or rather cold during a day. Therefore, it is desirable to have different types of clothing – from bikini and panama to warm jacket and a woolly hat. It is also necessary to take a windcheater with a hood.
There is a cellular network on the island, sometimes not very good (such providers as MTS, Megaphone, and BaikalWestCom).

Finally, it is very important to treat the unique nature of Olkhon Island carefully. It takes a lot of years to heal wounds inflicted by a man. It is forbidden to cut, break and damage trees and bushes, pick flowers, fish with poach fishing gear, leave litter and inscriptions on rocks, and make a campfire at a nonspecial place (at least it is possible to make a campfire on stones of the shore far away from trees and grass). It is desirable to walk on the roads, paths and trails.

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