Olkhon Island

When to come

July and August are the best months of travelling to Olkhon Island for holiday-makers who like bathing and are fond of other entertainments. In June, it is rather cool at night and the water is not well warmed up. However, there are not many tourists at that time. By mid September, there are very few visitors on the island. It is the time for those who likes loneliness and admire magnificent Olkhon nature and unique energy of the island. The weather is sunny in September but windy. At daytime it is warm but night temperature can drop to 8-10ºC. October is especially favourable for painters – riot of colours, severe landscapes, storms, and unstable weather with all its surprises… In spring (in March and till early May), it is a season of ice fishing, as well as there is a possibility to admire icy decoration of grottos in Maloye More and frozen splashes on rocks.

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